What’s on Tap for this Week?

It is time to make this page live again! I type on Wednesday March 21st with news of the track being available for practice. You won’t be first on track as we’ve ridden many of the rental karts around and last night saw three kid karters doing battle. You also won’t find a track ready to give up any track records as it is a bit slippery at this point. So decide if any of the weather coming up suits you and come out for your maiden voyage of 2018. We will be at the track Wednesday through Saturday this week Noon to 5 PM each day. Once we get past Easter we’ll expand to our summer hours.  

The 2018 season is fast approaching so it is a great time to get last year’s ride taken apart and ready. Let’s get some new bearings everywhere, new chain, leak test on the motor, etc.

We’ll see you at the track.

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