Current track conditions are great! What’s in store this week? Wednesday Noon to 8 PM, Thursday Noon to 7 PM and Friday Noon to 5 PM for open track. Bring your kart for practice, or rent one of ours for a 1/2 hour ‘Hot Lap’ session. Thursday night at 7 PM it’s ‘Turn Key Thursday’ our weekly walk in rent to race night. You’ll need to be 18 or older and have the $60 entry fee. Saturday is a rent to race day for groups who have reserved.

We still have an 8:30 AM and a 5 PM slot available. Sunday is our weekly points race for our kart owning friends. Starts at 9 AM, first race just after Noon. No walk in rentals available Saturday or Sunday. We look forward to your visit to the track!


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