What’s on Tap for this Week at the Track?

How’s the track after the flooding? We’ve been back in action since August 27th. We spent the week following Labor Day watching the flood forecasts on the Sugar River. Lots of rain again through Wednesday the 5th and 3 different crests on the river kept water inches away from overtaking the track again. Glad to report that the week of dry weather has us almost back to normal levels on the river. Now we just need the ground water levels to go down to allow our water hazards inside the track to go away. And I hate to say it, but we could use a bit of rain to wash away all the mud from the flooding..

  • September 12th, Wednesday Noon to 8 PM. Ride your kart, rent one of ours, get some service or tuning done to your kart, pick up some parts.
  • September 13th, Thursday; Noon to 7 PM. Same deal as Wednesday except we add our weekly rent to race night ‘Turn Key Thursday’ to the end of our day. Sign in before 7 PM and join the race!
  • September 14th, Friday; Noon to 5 PM. Same menu of available activities as Wednesday.
  • September 15th, Saturday; this week it is all about rent to race groups. They fill up most of our day. We have our 8:30 race slot unsold. Got a group of racy friends? Holler at us to nail down that 8:30 slot. 
    • And did you hear our news? We will add a walk in spot on our Saturday schedule starting on June 9th. 1 PM is the time for the rest of the season. It will be an $80 rent to race event for adult drivers. Call to save a kart or walk in. Entries limited to 20 for this weekly event.
  • September 16th, We have moved the scheduled points race to September 30th. Why? Between Cheese Days in Monroe and Auto-Rama in Beloit our staff was looking totally unavailable. We also had a 50 lap rent to race event planned for 3:30 PM which we’ve cancelled.

Questions, or want to register? Give us a holler at the track at 608/897-2898.

We’ll see you at the track.

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