What does the new millennium hold for go-karting? The sport is as popular as it has ever been with continued growth every year.
The manufacturers who have stayed with go-karting have added stability. Common sense class structures have eliminated weekly and even yearly obsolescence of equipment. Motor sports in America is becoming (if it isn’t already) the most popular of all sports. The national level of awareness of NASCAR, CART, NHRA, IMSA, SCCA, ASA, and local auto racing programs has only increased the popularity of go-karting. Most any race fan would love to be connected to NASCAR racing in some way. Any connection possible, from race fan, to crew member, to driver, to team owner are all more expensive than being involved in your own racing program in go-karting. We’ll get into the costs involved in more detail in a later article, but to illustrate this point, listen to this quote from a current go-kart racer at (SRR). “I used to race radio controlled cars. I spent more money on them than I do a competitive go-kart, and I get to ride along in go-karting!”In summary, you can expect go karting to always be around either for a place for those with gas and oil in their veins looking for a new hobby, or as a training ground for those who want use racing as more than just a hobby. Whatever your reason for becoming a go karter the sport will remain the most economical way become a race driver.

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