Sugar River Raceway is like any other company, we’re always interested in great staffing.  If we have current openings there will be a posting below.  Use the Employment Form to notify us of your interest in our positions.

Sunday Score Keeper

Race Day Score Keeper; We’re in the digital/computer age, so as you can image that is how we keep track of our day’s race events.  We need a new score keeper for our sanctioned race days.  ‘Sanctioned race days’ is code for customers who own their own karts and those race events.  In 2017 we have two Friday nights, one Saturday night and fourteen Sundays!  The task seems confusing at first look, but is really pretty easy due the the functionality of the software that we use.  Yearly track records, and the season points championships are also managed by this person (all done by the same software).  Check out our race schedule to see if you might want to apply.  Disregard the rent to race days reflected on the schedule.

Rent to Race Score Keeper

You saw the listing above for Sunday Score Keeper?  One could apply for both jobs if they’d like, as the same computer and software system is used for both tasks.  This one is to be a score keeper for our rent to race events.  The Sunday job is more technical and used more aspects of the software program, but the rent to race score keeper will be busy!  This job is part time and mostly performed on Saturdays.  We do rent to race any day of the week, so your availability could get you some extra gigs.  Fill out the Employment Form below and e-mail it in.

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