Get Your Race On in 2017

This post got it’s birth in early March of 2017.  Mother Nature has been teasing us with some incredible for February and March temps.  If the trend continues it means we might get some very early rent to race action this spring.  We have rent to race bookings for Saturday March 25th. With good weather we could make Saturday March 18th our official opening day for rent to race.  Get your group revved up and give either a call to the track or click the red ‘Book it Now’ button to get on track early this year!

Experience Real Racing

Yes it’s a ‘Rental Kart’ but it is also a real ‘Racing Kart’. We are not an amusement park. We don’t have the slow WI Dells type of go karts ours actually perform! 50 MPH top speed on our rent to race karts and 1+ G corner load kind of performance!  

Check out the video below for more temptation.  This video was done by Shamus, known as Big Caddy on You Tube. 

Let’s get you racing in 2017!

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