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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer lessons?

We don’t offer lessons up front.  Renters get either an orientation video or an in person orientation for groups/private parties.  People who like go karting enough to buy their own equipment learn through seat time.  We do offer training for driving and tuning but not until our beginners have reached a certain level of proficiency via their track time.  If you start to early with the coaching it isn’t retained.

How about beginner Events?

Beginner events are our open track days weekly.  Wednesday through Friday each week in season.  The ‘Hot Laps’ sessions under our karts for rent section describe this activity.  Minor drivers rent a kart for 30 minutes for $30.  Adults the same for $40 on a faster kart.  These same sessions are used by kart owners both old and new for practice.

What kind of kart do you start beginners on?

Most all get a rental kart ride first.  Many just want the one ride/summer.  Others are in to explore the possibility of becoming a kart owner/racer and the rental ride is the first right step to see if they even like the sport.  Then we’ll move to a demonstration ride on a race kart with a highly interested prospect.  If we get a new racer we start them on a Box Stock Honda class kart.

Age Restrictions?  Do you have programs for kids vs. adults?

To rent drivers need to be 56” tall minimum to satisfy state of WI regs.  To start on your own go kart you can be as young as 5 years as we have a class called ‘Kid Kart’ that is for 5 through 7 years old.  We only do the week day ‘Hot Lap’ sessions for our minor rental customers.  The adults can do the same or pick from many different formats of rent to race.  In the customer base of go kart owners we have kids 5-7, 7 -11, 12-15 and the senior classes are 16 and older.  We also have a 35 and older and a 50 and older class called ‘Masters’.

Racing Rules all Racers and Spectators Need to Know

Remember the first time you saw a hockey or soccer game? Or better yet an Australian football game? You wondered most of the way through what the heck the rules were, and what these people were trying to accomplish. Well let’s take a bit of time to go through some of the rules/standards/norms of go-kart racing.

Strangely enough, not all of this information is always written down in any one place. These procedures, rules, standards, norms, expectations of all racers are gleaned from several sources. Rule books, driver’s meetings, customs, and from other sports that also practice good sportsmanship. Whether this is new information or a refresher to our readers, we feel it is good to review from time to time. After all, any sporting event is much more fun to participate in or watch if you know the rules.

All Go Karting Starts Locally

You're on the 'World Wide Web' and you've found our blog about becoming a go kart racer. If our track and race program isn't within easy driving distance of your home this information is only general. Somewhat representative of how you start go kart racing. You need...

What is Box Stock Honda Racing?

Box Stock racing means beginners and Honda. SRR runs a locally developed class called Box Stock Honda (The Honda engine got its start in our box stock program in 2006 and takes over from the Briggs Raptor engine in 2007). We ask that all of our new go-karters start in...

The safety gear you’ll need

You will need the following: Current Snell Foundation minimun M2010 or SA2010 (other ratings by SFI, Snell K for karting, and Snell Childs Racing also are allowed) rated full face helmet. Cost range $129 to $600 Skid resistant (not fire resistant/retarding) driving...

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