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Go Kart Track, Northern Illinois

Which is it? Go Kart Track, WI or Go Kart Track, IL or Go Kart Track, Northern IL We seem to own the organic search for Go Kart Track, WI. Likely because many searching for us know we're in Wisconsin, and due to the fact our content makes many references to Wisconsin....

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Life in the Fast Lane, Thoughts on a New Season

Thoughts from the Seat of the Driver and the Race Director This will be listed on the News or blog page. Not sure I know how to blog. Not sure I can even communicate in a fashion that anybody will understand. But there are a few thoughts that I must take a stab at. I...

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What’s to Eat at the Track?

Let's Do Lunch! The answer to the question "what are you going to have for lunch at the track on Sunday" is going to change a bit this race season. Most of our racers step up to the track concession stand and place an order. We'll still have food on site but it will...

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Kid Kart Rule Changes

Kid Kart Rule Changes Hey Kid Kart Dads and Drivers we've got some changes coming your way this season; Kid karts will run transponders in 2017 Outlaw tech on the Comer engines All 5 year old drives must use a restrictor in their Comer engine Tire rule change. Max...

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Rent to Race Season is Upon Us

50 Lap Fever We write on April 8th as rent to race karts make laps.  Several more bachelors losing their bachelorhood today. But our main message is about our Endurance Racing season that is kicking off tomorrow April 9th.  Our first 50 lap race hits the track at 2...

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Steps to a New Race Season

We hope our audience is toiling away getting ready to contest the 2017 race season. That's the behind the scenes stuff that we can't see. To help keep all on schedule we've got some important milestones to pass along. The track is available for practice Wednesday...

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Honda Masters Rule Change

Honda Masters Rule Change Did you catch the change?  If you've been looking at our class listings you might have.  We will switch it up for Honda Masters this season by using the Super Stock class engine rules.  Wow, what does that mean?  5 more horsepower?  Sorry,...

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Open House March 18th & 19th

Our spring Open House is just around the corner. It is next weekend as a matter of fact.  We'll run it two days, both Saturday and Sunday, Noon to 5 PM. So who should attend the Open House?  Well we would invite everyone as we'll have some in store specials. But we...

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2017 Schedule is Tuned Up and Ready to Go

News update; January is toast!  That means we are closer to the opening of the 2017 season!  This is a News Post, so what's the news?  The 2017 season schedule is on-line.  Right on this website!  Easy to find and even easier with a schedule link. Check it out and get...

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