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Sugar River Raceway has a complete full service kart shop on site. Our kart shop is called the 'Pit Stop'. One of our main product focuses is the sale of used go-karts. We sell far more used go-karts in a year than we do new ones. We believe this is due to the Box Stock Honda classes that we run locally. This type of racing doesn't require a new go-kart to be competitive, so used go-karts are sought after by many of our beginners. A healthy secondary market exists for used Box Stock Honda go-karts, allowing budget minded beginners as well as Box Stock graduates a ready market place to exchange used equipment.

Many of the used karts in stock at Sugar River Raceway are trades on new karts. Others are on consignment with us by their current owners. These used karts have become available due to people either leaving the sport or having upgraded their equipment to run in other classes. If you're thinking of upgrading or getting a start in go-karting, use this page to keep track of our quickly changing inventory. This is a good place for the beginner to shop, as many used karts have new engines on them, and we can help make sure your next kart is in compliance with current Sugar River Raceway rules. Remember that the 'Pit Stop' is a full line kart shop so we can round out your used kart purchase with all the other accessories you'll need.

Click on any of the thumbnail photos for an enlargement.
Photo597 Margay Syncro base chassis with new black powder coat paint. Waiting for the new owner to tell us how to finish it. Photo2The #01 kart is a 1998 Coyote LE in original blue. Base Chassis $900.
Photo4Bright Green 2005 Margay Brava 4 with a new clone engine. $1595. Photo82001 Coyote Widetrack LE complete ready for Honda Sr. Box Stock class $1795.
Photo101999 Margay Syncro base chassis $700, w/MyChron 3 gauge $900. Photo71996 Coyote FT-2 Rocket base chassis $800.

If you are interested in any of the above karts, you may call us at 608/897-2898, or use our contact form to inquire about our available inventory.

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