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All 4 cycle classes + Kid Kart will run the full 19 week/race schedule. Drivers will have three throw outs to use, as 17 races will be counted for season points. If weather keeps us from getting 19 races in we'll still use three throw outs.

2 cycle classes are scheduled for 10 race days. We will count 9 races towards the point championship in Yamaha.

Bonus Points: Racers that participated in the 11-11-13 extra race date will receive 50 bonus points in their 2014 class. Opening day has an extra 100 bonus points. The Red, White and Blue races are double points. The season championship race is also double points.

We will run double race days or on open Sunday's to make up for rain dates.

Race times:

  1. Sunday's will remain as they were with a 9 AM registration, 10 AM practice and Noon race times
  2. Saturday Nights
    1. 4 Cycle only nights will begin registration at 5 PM. We will conduct tech and driver's meeting before practice which will be at 7 PM. Racing will start at 8 PM.
    2. When we have both 2 and 4 cycle classes we'll begin one hour early with registration at 4 PM, practice at 6 PM and racing at 7 PM.