Event History

The History of Sugar River Raceway’s
‘Brodhead Historics’
Vintage Karting Event

We like vintage karts. And to scratch that itch we’ve hosted a 3 day vintage karting event from 2006 through 2011 each year, and then again in 2013 and 2014. We took 2012 off for track renovation. We appreciate the dedicated karters who make most of our events and look forward to meeting new vintage aficionados from around the country at each event.

The Sugar River Raceway (SRR) staff switches from modern to vintage to make this happen, but the real heavy lifting for the event gets done by a dedicated group of vintage karters. These folks all spent part of a karting career at SRR in earlier days and have now returned as vintage karters and event organizers. All call SRR their home track and all are an important part of our event’s success. Thanks once again to Mike and Joann Morrall, George and Pat Sellon, and Bill McCornack.

Please spend some time looking over the different pages on our web site in this vintage section to get our event dates and details figured out. Once you do we’d expect you’ll want to come spectate or ride in our ‘Brodhead Historics’ event.

Have fun with the pictures included below. If you didn’t know SRR is also the home of Blackhawk Karts. They were built from 1959 to 1994 by our founder Don Fairman. Our event has also become a sort of Mecca for Blackhawk owners and fans alike. We like all vintage karters but really speak the same language as vintage karters with a sweet spot for Blackhawks!

Blackhawk brand karts

The first picture shows the 2006 Blackhawk karts and drivers.

Blackhawk Karts in Attendance 2007 Event

This 2007 picture shows the number of Blackhawk karts in attendance grew!

Blackhawk Karts in Attendance 2008 Event

Above are the Blackhawk karts and their drivers that participated in 2008.

Blackhawk Karts in Attendance 2009 Event

The number of Blackhawk Karts in attendance in 2009 was up nicely! The popularity of Don Fairman’s brand continues to increase as the 17 Blackhawks in attendance would prove. We expect even more Blackhawks in 2010.

Blackhawk Karts in Attendance 2010 Event

Here is the 2010 collection of Blackhawk Karts in attendance at this year’s ‘Brodhead Historics’. There are 27 karts in the picture, 1 more that was on site that didn’t make the photo, and who’s counting the other 5 or 6 1984 to 1994 vintage Blackhawks that we left hanging in the garage!

Blackhawk Karts in Attendance 2013 Event

Above are the Blackhawk Owners and Karts at our 2013 race. Are you even a slight fan of Blackhawk karts? You owe yourself a trip to the ‘Brodhead Historics’ this July to take this all in. See you there!

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