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April 21, 2014

Attach of the Clones on 4.27.2014

Attack of the Clones #1 is just days away. We'd like to say thanks to our sponsors for helping make the winner's share of the purse be $750. And with enough entries it could grow to $1000. Let's take a moment to recognize and thank our sponsors;

Midway Oil

Midway Oil, is owned and operated by George and Jen Urban. George and his boys are regular racers at Sugar River Raceway and George intends to compete in 'Attack of the Clones' 1 race on Sunday. Thanks for the sponsorship George and good luck on Sunday.

Kevin's Appliance & Mattress Superstore

Kevin's Appliance & Mattress Super Store in Monroe, WI is owned and operated by Kevin & Colleen Genthe. Kevin and his kids are also active go karters at Sugar River Raceway. Thanks Kevin for contributing to the winner's purse!

QC Electronics Portage WI

QC Electronics in Portage, WI is also one of our sponsors. The company is owned by Ken Klein and most of you know Ken and his son Carl from racing at Sugar River Raceway. We are thankful for their contribution to our winner's purse. And good luck Carl in reclaiming your dad's money on Sunday!

We will run our race per our normal rules which can be found here. You'll see that we use WKA's clone rules which are subject to any tech updates that may not be listed on our web site. We also do not follow WKA's rim width rules, but will follow the Bridgestone YLC tire rule of 4.5" fronts and 7.1" rears.

Entry fee will be $75/driver. $35 is our normal entry fee and the extra $40 paid will go into the payout purse also. And call us optimistic, but we'll sweeten the pot by awarding $1000 to the winner if we have 26 or more entries.

So spread the word for us please. We'll need to depend on entries from other tracks to have a great race. So get your equipment ready and report to the track on Sunday morning.

Special Attack of the Clones Practice

We heard from some drivers from other tracks who said they'd come and race if they could get more than just the Sunday AM practice before the race. We would enjoy this participation so the easy solution was to schedule a Saturday practice. The issue is that we are very busy with our rent to race customers this Saturday. The only spot available for this practice is after 5:30 PM. So that is what we'll do, and we'll run until 8 PM. Spread the word, as you know our SRR regulars would like to be there too. Practice will cost $20/driver.

How Does the Payout Work?

The payout for Sunday's 'Attack of the Clones' race is posted below. This is simply the spreadsheet we used to determine payout. The inputs are simple; each racer pays a $75 entry fee. $35 to the track as normal entry fee price. $40 goes into the purse. And we ask the drivers to do at least the $40 in cash. Either in cash or on a debit card as an advance. We used $750 as the sponsor's contribution whether that was achieved or not. When the payout bumps to $1000 for the winner the $40 racer contribution goes towards the winner's purse with the track paying the short fall. Thought you'd like to know.

You may also click here to get a printable copy of the payout.

We'll see you all on April 27th.

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