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Rain Date Reschedule & July 31 Info

Next Points Race this Sunday July 31st

Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention to that race schedule that is supposed to be on your refrigerator! In case you haven't looked your supposed to be spending Sunday with us, as the next points race is this Sunday. See you there? No excused accepted! 9 AM to register, 10 AM to practice, Racing at Noon.

Rain Date Reschedule

We have just placed our order for good weather for Sunday August 14th. We have also decided that will be the date we make up our missed/rained out June race date. Yep, we already have a race scheduled for that date. So what gives you ask. Double race day baby! Now don't get scared, it is doable. We will start as usual with 9 AM for registration, 10 AM for practice and we'll shoot for an 11:30 start time. We will run only two practice sessions with the second one being qualifying. Without any intermissions we should get done by 2 PM. We will take a 1/2 hour break to let the crew chief catch up and the driver to hydrate. We will run one practice session which will be a qualifier. No driver's meeting will be needed as we'll have already traveled that ground. 1st race round by 3:30 will get us done by 6 PM. Whew!

Here is some incentive to hang in for that long day; $40 1st race entry, $30 for second race. One transponder rental for the day at $10. Pit passes good for both races so you'll spend $10 on crew passes instead of $20. And, you only have to tow the trailer to the track once and race twice. This is almost a money making proposition!

You don't have to run them both, take your pick, 1st or 2nd one. Use the other as a throw out. And if we're looking like we're going to melt we might take a vote on shortening the second feature!

See you August 14th for double trouble.

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