Ready to race?

Why not add ‘Race Driver’ to your resume? Join our weekly racing program by fielding your own race team.  A step above ‘Rent to Race’ and a way to get your toe in the first rung of the racing ladder.

Want a real racing experience for your group?

Racing Bachelor Parties; no further description needed!  Company outings; blow off work and race!  Private race groups; your club, your neighborhood racing block party acting out a ‘Race Driver Fantasy’! Contact us for more information.

Turn Key Racing on Thursdays

Our weekly open to the public rent to race night.  When? Every Thursday night April 20th through October 19th. Practice rolls at 7 PM. $60/driver, 18 years and older, so much fun words don’t do it justice!

Learn How To Start Racing

At SRR we do a form of go-karting called ‘sprint racing’. Sprint racing is typically on a paved road course and the races are short in length or duration (6 to 15 lap races are the norm).

Group Go Kart Rentals

Yes it’s a ‘Rental Kart’ but it is also a real ‘Racing Kart’. We are not an amusement park. We don’t have the slow WI Dells type of go karts…ours actually perform! 50 MPH top speed on our rent to race karts with 1+ G corner load kind of performance!

Turn Key Thursday Night Racing

Our Thursday night rent to race program has proven to us that this is a great way to introduce people to go kart racing. We started our 30 lap $60 race program in 2010 and it seems popular so why mess with success.

Hot Laps & Practice Using our Go-karts!

Would you like to have a chance to ride a real racing go-kart? Not the kind they have at amusement parks that just putt along, but the kind that rolls along at racing speeds? Well then you’ve found the right spot.

What’s Going On at the Track This Week?

What’s Going On at the Track This Week?

What’s on Tap for This Week at the Track?  June 29th, 2022 We are closed Monday and Tuesday each week except for private rent to race events for groups of eight or more. We can react on pretty short notice to get you on track. Contact us at the track at 608/897-2898...

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Corporate Outings

Get ready to show Bob from Accounting your tail lights!

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About Sugar River Raceway

We are Sugar River Raceway and go karting is our business. We strive to provide our customers with a real racing experience. We are not an amusement park. We take our name from the Sugar River which borders the property on the north and east sides. We have been in continuous operation since 1959.

We are located in very south central Wisconsin, an easy drive from Madison or Milwaukee, Rockford or even Chicago, IL for a day of go karting. We are an outdoor facility that operates April through November.

We do two things; first, we host a season long point series for our customers who own their own karting equipment. We provide support for these karters with an onsite pro shop, kart service and tuning.

Our second passion is our ‘Rent to Race’ program. We provide the track, high performance equipment, crew and rent to race programs. Company Outings, Bachelor Parties, Race events for Families or Friends, Open to the public race nights, Endurance Events, and open track days for practice, is a sampling of our ‘Rent to Race’ offerings.

Our track is a 1/2 mile paved asphalt sprint course with 10 turns. Technically challenging with plenty of passing opportunities. We look forward to your visit.

See you on the race course!

-Marshall Fairman

Latest News and Events from Sugar River Raceway

What’s a New Go Karter to do with Opening Day

OPENING DAY GUIDELINES by Marshall Fairman | Apr 20, 2022 Opening day is coming faster than the pack at the end of the straight-a-way! Are you ready? Are you just starting your race career, so this is your first opening day? Got time for some guidelines or...

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The Annual Parking and Practice Pass Sale is On

Reserved Parking Spots and Practice Passes for 2022 are On Sale Through March 31st Our tradition is to offer our customers a chance to save some money. Our sale is on both reserved parking spots and season practice passes.  Here’s the deal; Item Regular Price Sale...

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Box Stock Honda 100 Lap Endurance Race Rules

Our race will run on Sunday October 24th, 2021, with a rain date of October 31st. Schedule: We have the 'Live w/Spike' rent to race event starting at Noon this same day. That will push this event into an evening deal. We will open practice at 5 PM, close it off at...

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