What’s on Tap for This Week at the Track?

 June 29th, 2022

We are closed Monday and Tuesday each week except for private rent to race events for groups of eight or more. We can react on pretty short notice to get you on track. Contact us at the track at 608/897-2898 or 608/558-9289. Sorry, no walk-in rentals these days.

Wednesday each week; Noon to 8 PM are the hours we are open to the public. This is an open track day for both owners of their own karts and rental customers. Walk in without reservation to rent on Wednesdays. $30/half hour of seat time for a minor driver (must be a minimum of 56″ tall and accompanied by a parent to sign off on the insurance forms). Adults get a faster kart at $40/half hour. Sessions done in two 15-minute segments with rest in the middle. Sales tax and safety gear included. If you have your own full-face helmet, we’d encourage you to bring it. Also bring a hoodie or heavier coat to race in. This keeps pressure off of our loaner karting jackets and keeping them at COVID cleanliness. Shorts or long pants, no open toed shoes.

Thursday each week; Noon to 7 PM. Same deal as Wednesday with open track. At 6:30 PM we sign in our weekly ‘Turn Key Thursday’ rent to race night. It hits that track at 7 PM and runs till about 9 PM. Adults only, $60 entry fee, 30 laps of total action on track. We also offer a Thursday night only 15 lap backwards race as an optional end of night highlight at $20/driver.

Friday each week; Same deal as Wednesday and Thursday with open track. Noon to 5 PM are the hours.

We also offer private rent to race groups any of these days starting at 10 AM each morning. We also run evening hours on Fridays. Call to reserve or book online.

Saturdays are our rent to race days. Private groups made up of bachelor parties, corporate groups or an assemblage of friends. We have 12 to 15 race slots every Saturday starting at 9 AM running through 5 PM. This Saturday has plenty of space for your group.

Saturday July 2nd; We have an 8:45 AM, 10:45 AM, 2:30 PM, 2:45 PM, and 4:30 PM appointment available that are for groups of 8 or more drivers. Can be kids or adults mixed together. Call to book or Book Online.

For drivers who want to do a typical $80 Saturday race event, but do not have the 8 minimum drivers to book private we have a weekly 1 PM walk in spot. We have 6 drivers signed up for this spot this week. Why not join them with some of your friends? Call the track to get on the grid. We take 20 drivers max. This event is for adults only.

Sunday July 3rd; We have set aside three rent to race slots for groups. One at Noon, 12:15 PM, and 12:30 PM.  These appointments are for groups of 8 or more drivers to do a private rent to race event. Groups can be all adults or a mix of kids over 56″ tall and adults. The kids need their parent in the group so they can sign the insurance forms. Again, call 608/897-2898 to reserve.

Hope to see you at the track this week!



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