What’s on Tap for This Week at the Track?

 October 20th, 2021

  • Wednesday October 20th: We’ll be hanging out at the track between Noon and 8 PM. You can practice your kart or rent one of ours for a 1/2 hour ‘Hot Lap’ session. Drivers must be a minimum of 56″ tall to drive, and mom or dad must be on site to do the insurance paperwork for drivers under 18 years old. You can also shop for karts or parts in the ‘Pit Stop’ kart shop.
    • We’ve also termed this Wednesday ‘100 Lap Practice night’ as we’ll run the 100 lapper on Sunday!
  • Thursday October 21st: We will be in Noon to 7 PM for walk in rentals or practice laps on your go kart.
    • Turn Key Thursday Race Night. Be in before 6:45 PM latest to register as racing rolls at 7. Want some extra practice? We run a practice special; 15 minutes for 20 bucks, but you have to be in by 6 PM to get on board. Walk ins are welcome, drivers must be 18 or order. Let’s Race!
    • We will extend the Turn Key Thursday season a couple of weeks and run through November 4th. This is the last week of day light savings time and we’ll end the season here!
  • Friday October 22nd: We will have walk in rentals and practice between Noon and 5 PM. 
  • Saturday October 23rd: Our Saturday’s are all about rent to race. Got a rent to race group that wants to hit the track on Saturday? With 8 or more in your group you can set up a private race event (we still have a 10:30, & 10:45 AM, and a 2:45 PM spots available this week). Give us a call at 608/897-2898 or Book It Online. Don’t have 8 drivers? You could race at 1 PM with our Saturday walk in race spot (one driver or several). $80/driver fee for private or 1 PM walk in. This session is for drivers 18 years and older only.  Call the track to reserve a grid spot. You can not book this online. 
    • We do not do the walk in ‘Hot Lap’ sessions on Saturdays like we do Wednesdays, through Fridays, sorry.
  • Sunday October 24th; We have a big day planned. At Noon the ‘Live w/Spike’ race signs in. This is an open rent to race event that will be mostly southern WI circle track racers, crew and friends. There also will be race fans and go karters taking part. We will follow this rent to race even with a Box Stock Honda 100 Lap Enduro race. This one is for our racers who own their own go karts. 2 person teams, one pit stop, and 100 laps. Stand back from the fences! We plan to hit the track with this race at 5 PM for practice.
    • Sorry, no walk in rentals on Sundays.

See you at the track.


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