So you’ve got your go-kart purchased and now you need to learn how to get max enjoyment out of it, but how?
Check our schedule for practice sessions on our web page, by phone (608/897-2898), or in person at the track. Your next plan should be to practice, practice, and practice. You’ll gain more confidence and speed with each practice lap. Soon you’ll be looking for those ‘pick-up races’ that go on during practice. Don’t worry about your first race until you are both confident and comfortable with your skill and kart control. These sessions will give you a chance to learn the track, learn your kart, find out what normal maintenance needs to be done, and begin to learn what some of the adjustments to the kart will do.

Some of the things you need to know will make themselves obvious during the practice sessions. Others you will learn from fellow practicers. And still other things will be learned with our help, the staff of SRR. When you buy a kart from a kart shop they say, “Thanks and good luck when you get to the track”. At SRR we are both the kart shop and the track, so we are there during your every practice session and can lend help and advice as you learn about this great sport. We can also help get you a good baseline on your kart. We offer scale sessions in which we put you and your kart on the computerized scales to get the weight bias set. Buy the kart from SRR and it is included. We offer follow up sessions at $40/hour, but usually a scale sessions takes 15 minutes.

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