At SRR we do a form of go-karting called ‘sprint racing’. Sprint racing is typically on a paved road course and the races are short in length or duration (6 to 15 lap races are the norm).

Go-karts made for sprint racers have a wheelbase that is in the 32″ range for our Kid karts, and the 39″ – 42″ range for all other classes. Any used or new kart can be set-up to accommodate most any driver. This is accomplished by changing seat sizes and driver/control pedal location. A complete ready to race go-kart weighs about 150 pounds. 6.5HP Honda engines power our beginner’s go-karts. We feel we have an excellent beginner’s program with our Box Stock Honda classes. This concept is explained in detail later in this article. Other classes use a Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. The rest of the go-karts use a variety of 2 stroke engines with the dominant engine being a 100cc Yamaha, purposely built for go-kart racing. Another 2-stroke alternative that is gaining in popularity is the HPV (Horstman Piston Valve, 100cc) engine and related classes. Both of these engines, depending on the class rules, (intake and exhaust restrictors are used) will be in a range of 8 to 17HP. At the top of the go-karting food chain are the TAG and Shifter classes. Touch and Go (TAG) is an electric start 125cc 2 stroke engine package that puts out nearly 30 HP. The Shifters use similar motors with 6 speed transmissions. We do not run the shifter karts at SRR due to their violent performance (no place for a beginner even if you can easily afford it) and our mainstay of Kid Karts, Box Stock beginners and rental karts; a bad mix on trackThe competition is wheel to wheel and great to either participate in or watch. Sprint racing at SRR will reach speeds (measured at the fastest point on our longest straight a way) of 25 mph to 70 mph, depending on the class or engine package. So in summary, what is go-karting? Motor sports for the masses. A program in which any skill level, any age, and most income levels can participate and have as much fun while learning, as the participants in professional motor sports.

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