Let’s gaze into the crystal ball regarding go-kartings future. Go-karting follows the fortunes and travails of professional motorsports. One could also observe that go-karting also follows the economic ups and downs. For certain racing will continue in many formats because many Americans have gas and oil in their veins. A proper hobby has internal combustion involved. Go-karting will remain popular because it is the least expensive form of motorsports that exists. This nicely parallels a large part of the American demographic who like toys that go fast and make sweet noise, but don’t have NASCAR size budgets.
An added plus is the strength of the manufacturers who have matured in go-karting. It is great that there are new brands showing up in go-karting but many of the brand names we use have a long history in the sport which adds stability. For the most part, common sense class structures have eliminated weekly and even yearly obsolescence of equipment. Racing in America ranks with other national past times as one of the most popular of sports.
In summary our prediction is that go-karting will be in our future. It is a great place to burn some fossil fuels while getting your racing fix on an amatuer basis. And if you are planning on going places in racing it is the right first wrung on the racing ladder.

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