If you are surfing the web and have found our site and this information, we would invite you to the track for a race day. This is the best way to get you acclimated to our program and our sport. If you are too far away from Sugar River Raceway (SRR) to become a regular racer at our facility you will need to seek out local racetracks and learn about their programs. Much of the SRR information presented here may apply, but there will likely be local rule and program differences across the country. Know what the local rules are where you will race before you buy anything. If reading this section is just a part of the homework you’ve done and your research and reading are getting you a bit of clarity as it regards go karting, you have a next step to take. You need to get out to the track to watch a race and ride a go kart. After that if you still have questions, the SRR staff will be happy to answer them. Call us, e-mail us or ask while you’re at the track in person.


If you come out to the track on a race day, buy a pit pass (allows you into the pit area where all the go-karters are, and is also personal insurance) and wander around to see what goes on. Ask questions, as 100% of the people who race at SRR are great folks and will be more than willing to answer your questions. They were beginners once too, and can add some insight to your quest for go-kart knowledge. You will find good information in the pit, and will quickly learn that most go-karters are the best sales people of the sport. They are doing something they really enjoy and will be happy to talk about the sport with you. Just ask them why they are involved in the sport and why they’d recommend that you too become involved. Ask them what they like best about go-karting.

If at this point you still aren’t sure if you want to commit your time and money to this sport, then you’d better take the test. Rent a go-kart and try it out! SRR rents go karts by the half hour during open practice days. We have rental karts for drivers 56″ minimum height and up. Minor drivers get a 6.5 HP kart at a $30/half hour of track time rate, and adults ride the 50 MPH rent to race kart which rents for $40/half hour.

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