Honda Masters Rule Change

Did you catch the change?  If you’ve been looking at our class listings you might have.  We will switch it up for Honda Masters this season by using the Super Stock class engine rules.  Wow, what does that mean?  5 more horsepower?  Sorry, but likely not.  As a matter of fact it might  not produce anymore HP.  So why the change?  Well it fixes a problem we have with the spec exhaust header that isn’t available anymore.  It also allows an aftermarket flywheel which is more a convenience than anything.  Rather than having to make that sliver thin flywheel key to get timing where it needs to be the aftermarket flywheels have the key machined in where it needs to be.  A straight up key or maybe a 1-3 degree key will dial in timing.  The air filter adapter is no longer a spec item.  You can continue to use exactly what you have or try one of the swoopy and slippery aftermarket ones.  And if you’re happy with the way your hot rod runs you don’t have to change a thing, as the old Masters rules are legal in the Super Stock scheme of things.

So there you have it, the new Honda Masters Rule Change!

P.S. we have all of these new forged, cast, anodized, and ceramic coated parts in stock in the ‘Pit Stop’ kart shop at the track.

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