50 Lap Fever

We write on April 8th as rent to race karts make laps.  Several more bachelors losing their bachelorhood today.

But our main message is about our Endurance Racing season that is kicking off tomorrow April 9th.  Our first 50 lap race hits the track at 2 PM.  The grid is full with 30 drivers registered, so we’ll have a barn burner for the first race of the year.  We still have lots of room in our Good Friday grid so holler at us to put your name on a kart.  That one registers in the 11 AM to Noon time frame and hits the track at Noon.

Current events are fun, but the main reason for writing this post is to roll out our season points championship for the Rent to Race 50 Lap series.  We have a lot of regulars that run our 50 lap endurance events and some have been asking for a points series.

The 50,000′ details go something like this; (details at this page)

  • We have 8 Saturday night 50 lap events and 8 scheduled on Sundays and the Good Friday race.
  • We will count the best 10 race results for each driver.
  • 150 points will be awarded to a race winner,  145 to second place, down to 5 points for 30th place.
  • Bonus points will be added to each driver’s race result based on driver weight.  Starting at 160#’s drivers will receive a 3 point bonus. For each 10#’s another 3 points will be awarded. 170# drivers receive 6 points, 180# drivers receive 9 points and so on.

What do you win?  Pride, bragging rights, and an expensive plaque will go to the top 3.  We might even splurge and get a t-shirt that says ‘Champ’ for the winner. Yes, rather an amateur level of awards, but that likely best describes our racing.

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