Kid Kart Rule Changes

Hey Kid Kart Dads and Drivers we’ve got some changes coming your way this season;

  • Kid karts will run transponders in 2017
  • Outlaw tech on the Comer engines
  • All 5 year old drives must use a restrictor in their Comer engine
  • Tire rule change. Max tire circumference checked on the grid is 32 5/8″
  • We will run a points championship in Kid Kart this year for the Honda powered entries only
  • Honda kid kart class will have a open gear ratio rule

Why transponders on kid karts? 2 reasons. It makes life rough on our score keeper doing it manually on paper and then inputting it to the AMB scoring system so people can have a print out of the results. We’ve had days where we slow down the race program to catch up on kid kart scoring. Reason number two is that we find most customers want the results and lap time data they can read on a print out or on their hand held device.

Outlaw Engines; If you’ve been following along this preseason you’ve recognized that we’re going to use the NKA (National Karting Alliance) rule book in 2017.  You’ll also notice that they have both Honda and Comer engine tech as a part of their rules.  We will follow the engine tech as listed for the Honda kid kart engine.  We are going to change it up for the Comer engines and not follow the NKA tech. Why? Because most existing Sugar River Raceway kid kart customers are already running an outlaw engine.  Outlaw means modified. Outlaw means it can never be put back legal. We aren’t a group that does a lot of tech when it comes to kid karts, so you can blame the outlaw motors on us. This also means that most of the used kid karts floating around the secondary market likely don’t have legal motors. So because the toothpaste is out of the tube we are going to adopt this ‘Outlaw’ model.

About now your thinking you need some further clarification! An outlaw Comer is too fast for a 5 year old, hence the restrictor clause.

Tire circumference rule; I should have known, but was shocked to find out that some of the kid kart crew chiefs were putting 100 PSI in the rear tires to cheat the gear ratio rule. I found out when they complained to me about poor tire wear!!!. So we’ve done some measuring of tires on the 3.5″ wide wheel and came up with a number that should keep the pressures under 30 PSI. I’m sure you’ll find some tires marked 10-4.5 x 5 that will be too tall when mounted on the skinny little wheel. That means you’ll need a different tire or wheels. Searching out the tallest 10-4.5 x 5 tire in the world sounds like another attempt to cheat the gear ratio rule, so we won’t have any sympathy for you when you find your tires are too tall.

We’ve had racers ask for a kid kart points championship in the past. We will do so but with the Honda twist. I’ve never met a kid kart dad who likes the Comer engine. I can guarantee you will like the Honda. The cost of entry to the points championship is a $759.00 Honda engine.

Hope you’re looking forward to the new season as much as we are.

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