Let’s Do Lunch!

The answer to the question “what are you going to have for lunch at the track on Sunday” is going to change a bit this race season. Most of our racers step up to the track concession stand and place an order. We’ll still have food on site but it will be a bit different in 2017. My mom, Shirley, is not going to run her concession stand at the track this year. It isn’t a matter of can’t, won’t, don’t want to. It is really just a business decision based on results divided by labor and sweat. We didn’t like the results of the math.  But, we like to keep our customer’s hunger pains and sweat tooth’s taken care of. So we’ve got agreement from our friend Jim of Jim’s Backyard BBQ to take good care of us at the track this season. Jim has done a few events for us in the past when Shirley was out of town traveling so you may already know about his famous pulled pork sandwiches piled on the plate next to a scoop of Barb’s potato salad.

There are two dates that Jim can’t make this season. We’ll give you a heads up as those dates approach so you can send a lunch with the race team.

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