Which is it? Go Kart Track, WI or Go Kart Track, IL or Go Kart Track, Northern IL

We seem to own the organic search for Go Kart Track, WI. Likely because many searching for us know we’re in Wisconsin, and due to the fact our content makes many references to Wisconsin. But what we want all to know is that it doesn’t matter what state we’re in if you’re within driving distance and have a need for a go-kart session. So it would be untrue to claim Sugar River Raceway is a Go Kart Track, Northern IL, or Go Kart Track, IL it is true that we enjoy many Northern Illinois customers. Could there be more enjoying our great track and 50 MPH rental karts if we owned the search for Go Kart Track, Northern IL? Very likely. Maybe these few words in this post can gain us some ground in search.

The important point is school is just about out and we’ve got open track every Wednesday through Friday for walk in rentals. Drivers 56″ tall or taller (minor drivers must drag mom or dad along to sign the pesky insurance forms) can ride a kart for 1/2 hour for only $30! No reservations needed, just full coverage shoes! The pesky small details are on this Link.

Hope to see all of our old, and soon to be, Northern Illinois go-kart friends at the track this summer!

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