Class updates and driver restrictions? Should you care? Should you invest the time to understand these subjects and this post? The answer is a loud YES!

What classes are affected? Briggs Animal LO206 classes and the Honda Box Stock classes.In order, here are the updates;

  1. We have changed the tire rule in the Briggs Animal LO206 classes effective immediately. The Vega VAH tire (used by the 206 Cup Series) and the Bridgestone YLC will both be legal. The reason for two tires being allowed? The SRR racers that run the cup series can run the same tire used in the series. The folks who don’t run the series,but want to run the LO206 class locally can use the Bridgestone tire because it is available at the track. We also feel the Bridgestone may be a better choice from a longevity standpoint.
  2. Driver Restrictions in Honda Box Stock Classes. We are going to do away with the rule we’ve used for years in all of the Honda Box Stock classes. It stated that once a driver left the box stock Honda class they could not return. It also suggested that if you win the points championship you’d have to leave the class. And for a time we used a 3000 season championship point rule to move people out of the class. These rules were developed in the late 1990’s and worked well up through the mid 2000’s. In the era before the 2008 housing crash participation was much higher and we actually needed rules like this to thin the classes. Effective 8-1-2017 the driver restrictions in the Box Stock Honda classes have been removed.

So what do you do now? Change your class or run an extra class or start testing tires on your LO206 kart! If nothing else tell all of your go kart friends who don’t read e-mail or check the track Facebook page about this news. See you at the track soon!


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