Our spring Open House is just around the corner. We’ll run it two days, both Good Friday March 30th and Saturday March 31st, Noon to 5 PM both days.

So who should attend the Open House?  Well we would invite everyone as we’ll have some in store specials. But we have to admit that we have a focus for the Open House.  We are trying to tailor it to people who are the newest to our sport.

  • The slightly curious
  • The information seekers
  • The not yet committed
  • The newly committed
  • Those seeking direction on equipment purchase
  • Those seeking equipment
  • Those with equipment that need safety gear or other accessories
  • Those that need kart set-up or engine work done
  • Those looking for a free cup of coffee and a cookie

We’ll have staff on hand to answer questions, suggest equipment, fit seats or safety gear, or even start a kart set-up for new buyers.

We’d suggest current racers bring their Honda engine in for a leak test.  Let’s make sure your storage method or the last laps of 2017 haven’t left you needing a valve job.

Did your driver get bigger over the winter?  Drag the engine along for a restrictor change while you pick out a bigger seat!

In Store Open House Specials;

  • #35 Chain
  • Axle Bearings
  • Spindle Bearings
  • Hub Bearings
  • Bearing Cassettes
  • $20 off the regular price on a set of Bridgestone YDS tires
  • $20 off the regular price of four (4) Douglas wheels when purchased with the tire special above
  • Special price on MyChron 5 gauges.  Call in for the Open House price and to reserve one.
  • Free season practice pass for buyers of a complete Kid Kart or Box Stock Honda kart at the Open House, one per kart.

And of course you can just come for the social part (bench racing, telling tall tales, and cookie eating) if you are fully prepared for the new season.  See you the end of March!

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