Walk Ins on Saturdays?
Yes, sounds unfamiliar, right? We are finally going to correct our biggest customer complaint. People find out about the track and excitedly call to find out how it all works. When they hear that weekends are by appointment only, the common retort is, “what do you mean I can’t rent a kart on the weekend?!” They hang up confused and disappointed. We’ve heard you, we just have been deaf because we sell out most Saturday’s for racing bachelor parties. Easy to schedule and our process makes us uber efficient at delivering rent to race. But we do want more people to try out our great rent to race program so here’s the change up;
Every Saturday at 1 PM we will now have a race session made up of walk ins. Think of our ‘Turn Key Thursday’ night race that is essentially a walk in race night. Sure groups call ahead to let us know they are coming and we have singles and twos and threes and big groups walk in to race. It is a great event, but people from more than 50 miles away aren’t likely to make Thursday night work either.
  • Sign in is at 1PM or before every Saturday. This race is for adults 18 years and older.
  • You can walk in, but we’d advise calling ahead and making a reservation.When you sign in on race day you pay your entry fee.
  • This Saturday race will be limited to 20 racers max. Claim yours in advance. Call the track at 608/897-2898. No cost to do so. If we aren’t full walk ins will get to race.
  • It will be a 40 lap race format (10 lap practice and three 10 lap races) that will cost $80/driver. Price is all in, as it includes the safety gear and sales tax.
  • There will potentially be two other private or bachelor party groups scheduled in the same time slot. This is the norm for a Saturday. While you rest someone else is racing. No different than Thursday night when more than one heat race of competitors shows up.
So call your racing pals and come do a Saturday rent to race. Every Saturday now through October at 1 PM. And our strong advice is to call the track and get your name on a kart. 608/897-2898.

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