What’s the ‘Rumble’ you ask? It is a rent to race event that runs this year on Saturday October 27th that is open to the public. But it is more than that, because this race has some history. We’re not sure how long we’ve been running the ‘Rumble’ because the current piece of software on our scoring computer only goes back to 2011. The ‘Rumble’ has run every year since 2011 for sure. It was started by our good friend Tim Noble of Janesville, WI. He had the idea to invite all of the local circle track race teams to come out to race. The idea was to include the racers themselves, but also any crew members or friends and families associated with the teams. How did it work? Not bad, as it became an annual event. Somewhere during the race’s history Tim got tired of keeping track of reservations and who might be eligible for an invite. So the race became a public event open to any driver over 18 years old that wanted the opportunity to be on track with some of the really good circle track and go kart talent that shows up.
You’re thinking that you don’t stand a chance against racers like the local track champion from Rockford Speedway? Well we don’t know if Mike Bilderback will attend the ‘Rumble’ but he does most years. You don’t have to be able to beat Mike to have fun at the ‘Rumble’. That’s a tall order as Mike started his racing career at Sugar River Raceway on a go kart many years ago. Each year we divide everyone that races in to two groups; racers and amateurs. So if you’re new to racing but want to join this great night just tell them ‘amateur’ at registration. If enough drivers show up we could have a light and heavy classification also.
We’d recommend a call to the track to get on the entry list in case we need to cut it off due to high interest. This costs nothing but reserves you a kart. 608/897-2898. The entry fee is $80/person. Registration starts at 3:30 PM and the first practice grids will hit the track in the 4:30 to 5 PM time frame. The $80 buys you a 40 lap race program consisting of a ten lap practice, two ten lap heat races, and a ten lap feature. Sales tax is included as is safety gear. If you’re a racer bring your own gear, as we’ll run short after handing out 60 sets of gear.
So what is the demographic of our race? Here are the stats;
  1. 2011, 45 entries, 5 go-karters, 13 stock car racers, the rest we’re crew and likely newbies.
  2. 2012, 79 entries, 16 go-karters, 26 stock car racers, and 5 midget racers.
  3. 2013, 74 entries, 12 go-karters, 22 stock car racers, and 5 midget racers.
  4. 2014, 67 entries, 13 go-karters, 9 stock car racers, and 2 midget racers.
  5. 2015, 62 entries, 8 go-karters, 12 stock car racers, and 2 midget racers.
  6. 2016, 51 entries, 11 go-karters, 12 stock car racers, and 1 midget racer.
  7. 2017, reschedules and cold weather deep sixed the 2017 event.
Rough numbers to give you an idea of who will be in attendance.
We’ll see you at the ‘Rumble at the Shuug’!

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