Jr. Box Stock 1 GridReinventing Wednesday Night Practices

Wednesday night practice might mean free tires and entry fees in 2019. What?

We’re a pretty predictable bunch. If you listen to us you’ll often hear us proclaim that the best performing racers on race day are also the most traveled in Wednesday night practices through out the season. While the staff at Sugar River Raceway (SRR) was reviewing the 2018 season recently, it was noted that most racers are skipping practice sessions during the week. It used to be a prerequisite for a championship. As you know some of us at the track have been around karting for quite some time. We can recall when Wednesday night practice/grudge race sessions were often more fun than race days. Hence the confirmation of our earlier proclamation.

So obviously the guys who work at the track would like everyone to catch a practice during the week because it uses up parts, tires, service, etc. So how do we put some fun back into Wednesday night practices? Incentives, of course.

The Details, the Rules, the Fine Print, How to Win Tires

Here’s the deal, we’ll offer up a set of YDS tires in a drawing before each trophy race. There are four of them.

How do you qualify? You must turn out for three Wednesday night practices before being included in the drawing for the tires. The first set of tires will be awarded before the Red Race which is Memorial Day weekend. A new drawing will start the next Wednesday night for a drawing to be held before the White Race. Racers must again participate in three Wednesday night practice to get their name in the drawing. And we repeat for the Blue Race and the Season Championship Race. Racers must also enter and run two races during each of the qualifying time frames. As an example we’ll have three races before race #4, the Red Race. We’ll also have three races in between the Red Race and the Blue Race. Racers must enter two of them to qualify for the tire drawing.

You Said Something about Free Entry Fees, Right?

We mentioned some free entry fees. How do you win them? We will put a 20 lap race on track each Wednesday night at 7 PM. The winner of which will receive a free entry fee for the next race. All classes will participate in this program except for Kid Karts.  A coin flip will determine if we race forwards or backwards. We will use transponders to capture everyone’s practice lap times. We’ll use that data to create a handicap. We’ll give a 95% handicap based off of your best lap time of the night leading up to the 20 lap race.  If you’ve paid attention during race days you’ll notice that the fast laps are not that far apart from Jr. 1 to Honda Masters. After the handicap is applied to our results the winner will get a free entry fee for the next scheduled race day.

Are you in? See you on Wednesdays starting in April!

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