The News You Need to Get Your LO 206 Kart Ready to Go

The good news is it seems we have a few go karters planning on running our LO 206 class this year. With our late start for our points season we find a couple of things unsettled for the class.

This Sunday May 31st will be our first points race. Last year we ran a Bridgestone YDS tire rule. It proved to be very unpopular. So we expected to have a conversation back in April about what the racers in the class would like to see for a 2020 tire rule. Here’s where we are going; On May 31st the tire rule will be open. Run what you brung. On our next race date we will run a three pronged tire rule. We will allow Bridgestone YLC, Hoosier R60B, or a Vega Red. We won’t list tire size as we assume all will run 4.5″ wide fronts and 6″ rears. A racer could run a 7.1″ rear, but will very likely find they don’t compete very well with the 6″ tire. You may recall that our previous tire rule allowed both the YLC and Red compound tires. They seemed pretty even on track. We’ve added the Hoosiers because the Delmar, IA track runs them for a tire rule. This may ease the pain of an SRR racer or a Delmar racer trying out either facility.

We also had lots of questions about what weight we will run in the senior LO 206 class. Our website lists both a Medium and Heavy class. We will run both. Medium is listed at 360#’s and heavy is at 390#’s.

All other rules in the class are per the Briggs & Stratton LO 206 tech manual. You can find that posted on our website at the 206 Rules.

See you on a Sunday.

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