Great news, winter is being erased! And the best part is it is happening slowly. Slowly means go karting is still off in the future a bit, but it also means that we may avoid the spring flood that usually accompanies a snow season like we had this winter. The other bit of good news it Spring officially arrives later this month.

So why are we writing? We have a couple of news updates to share. Time to break the communication void we’ve been under since the 2020 season ended.

Has anybody found the 2021 race and 50 lap rent to race schedules that have been hiding on the website since about February 1st? Let’s help you find them with a couple of links.

  • This link Printable Schedule will get the points race events for all our customers who own their own karting equipment. By rule this must be printed and stuck to the front of the refrigerator!
  • Need more detail about each race day? You can use this ‘Event Schedule’ to drill down the start times and what’s going on any given race day. This schedule also has all the 50 lap rent to race events listed.
  • And if you’re looking in because you’re a Rent to Race 50 lap fiend you can find a ‘Printable 50 Lap Schedule’ at this link.

New Tire Rule; Many of you are in the know that Bridgestone has left the go kart tire market. We sourced all of our Bridgestone tires through Margay. Margay tried to buy all the left over tires that are in the Long Beach, CA distribution facility so they could assure tracks like us that we’d have supply in 2021. Bridgestone acting like the big company they are ignored the request. There are likely enough YDS tires in the warehouse to take care of our 2021 season. But with the tires in Bridgestone posession any other of the US distributors could call up and take our needed supply. So based on those circumstances we’ll move on to a new tire rule. We are going to run a Hoosier tire in 2021. We do not know if it will be an R80 or an R70 compound yet. We have sample sets waiting to be tested. We assume it will be the R80, as it is supposed to be the closest to the YDS. So don’t buy tires yet. We’ll let you know officially after we get some track time. We will also let everyone use up their Bridgestone YDS tires to start the season.

Ignite Racing Series. We are going to add the Ignite racing series LO206 Sr. Medium class to our class line up this year. This is a spec kart, tire and engine class that Margay Racing has pioneered over the last few seasons. It started as a way for Margay to rent the Ignite chassis in a race program that they put on at five big races a year. It has since been picked up by several local tracks around the country as a local class. We look at the class as a good place for newbies to get a toe hold in go karting. It is also a place for a new karter to learn without being lapped frequently by the local hot shoes with many years of karting experience. You can see the details at Ignite Karting.

We’ll get you a high sign when the track is ready for practice laps. It is still half covered in snow. Our first official event is a Saturday rent to race day on April 2nd. We may beat that by a few days for some practice laps, depending on weather. Watch ‘What’s Going On at the Track’ page for that info. We also post the same to Facebook ever week when we start updating the page.

We’ll see you at the track sooner than you think!

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