Our race will run on Sunday October 24th, 2021, with a rain date of October 31st.

Schedule: We have the ‘Live w/Spike’ rent to race event starting at Noon this same day. That will push this event into an evening deal. We will open practice at 5 PM, close it off at 5:45 PM and conduct our driver’s meeting. We will shoot for a 6:30 PM green flag. The race will take 1 hour and 15 minutes to run. Awards will follow. If we have to use our Halloween rain date we will follow a rent to race 50 lap race that will run at 2 PM. That should put our practice start time in the 3:30 start time.


All entries will run the Sr. Box Stock Honda class rules for our 100 lapper.  All restrictors, weights and tech rules will remain the same. The only tweak to our Box Stock Sr. rules will be the minimum age. Drivers 12 years and older can field teams for this race.  They must use one of the restrictor and minimum weight levels from the Sr. Box Stock rules. Any and all 12-15 year old entrants must be a current karter with experience.

Both team drivers from the top three teams in Box Stock will trophy.


We will continue with what we started in 2016 and run an average driver weight system.  Drivers and their karts will be weighed before practice begins.  Using a green Sr. Box Stock restricted kart as an example, postrace driver and kart weight is 340#’s.  In this scenario the kart will be weighed first and recorded.  It is recommended that the teams bring the kart to weigh in with very little gas in the tank.  If for example the kart weighs 165#’s the drivers would have to average 175#’s to make weight.  That means driver weight could vary by team driver and perhaps be 165#’s and 185#’s, or any other combination that results in the 175# average.


Practice will be one continuous 45 minute session.  The grid will be set by times run in this session.  We’d ask that if a team isn’t planning to use the times run during a segment of the practice session to leave their transponder off. The go-kart must make weight each time a team comes off the track during the practice session by matching the recorded weight from the pre-practice weigh in.


There will be a fuel check using our Digatron fuel gauge.  Our standard will be 87 octane from the Trackside Mobil station on 1st Center Ave. in Brodhead purchased the day of the race.  You must be within +/- 30 on our gauge or you won’t be allowed to run.

Driver Changes:

A driver change must be made between laps 40 and 60.  Pit lane will only be open during these laps.  Driver changes before or after will result in a 1 lap penalty.  Teams must enter the pit and come to a complete stop.  Our ‘hand walk’ procedure will be used to keep speeds on pit lane slow.  We will demonstrate this in our driver’s meeting before our event.  Karts must be fueled during the pit stop.  Before fueling the engine must be shut off and both drivers must be out of the seat.  Any violation of this rule will result in a 15 second penalty.  There could also be multiple 15 second penalties on a pit stop.  12-15 year old teams may ask to have their pit stop attended by one crew chief.  The adult teams must manage their pit stop themselves.


We would recommend that teams spend some time building a fueling rig (we will have some for sale in the Pit Stop kart shop).  It can be as simple as a 32 oz. plastic soda bottle with a gate or ball valve installed.  Add a pipe nipple and some rubber hose and you have something easy to aim.  You’ll also need a vent of some kind on the bottom of the bottle to fuel quickly.  Please leave your gas can and funnel in the pit so we don’t start any fires.

Rough Driving:

Driving that constitutes a rolled black flag will also be accompanied with a 30 second stop and go penalty.  We will communicate during the driver’s meeting where the penalty box is.  The third rolled black offense by a team will result in disqualification from the event.

Repair of a Kart:

Repairs may not be made on pit lane.  After pace laps are done and the race is green flagged the starting oval will be turned into the spot where teams can try to effect repairs.  The team drivers may be assisted by one crew person while in this repair area.  Once a kart is taken to the pit area it is deemed out of the race.

Yellow or Red Flags:

We will run the race with only area yellow flags, no full course cautions.  We will use a red flag in instances where an accident may have caused driver injury.

2022 Driver Bonus Points:

50 season championship points will be awarded to each entrant in the 100 lap race.  These bonus points will be applied to the season points total for the class the racer runs in 2022.

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