Sugar River Raceway is like any other company, we’re always interested in great staffing.  If we have current openings there will be a posting below.  Use the Employment Form to notify us of your interest in our positions.

Rent to Race Score Keeper

Race Day Score Keeping Position

Our race events are scored by computer from the heated and air conditioned tower that overlooks the track. This opening could really keep two candidates busy. It is common for us to have score keepers for our rent to race events and another person doing the score keeping for our points races.

Points Race Score Keeper

Position has been filled.

Rent to Race Score Keeper

Position has been filled.

Our rent to race candidate will need to be willing to work on Saturdays and some Sundays. We race rent to race in mass every Saturday April through October. Those days can get to be 12 hours. We also do rent to race on Sundays when our points racers are scheduled off.

What’s Involved?

Learning the software that runs our scoring system. In 2-3 weeks it will be mental muscle memory. You’ll do a lot of typing. You’ll learn how a go kart race is run and officiated, as you’re another pair of eyes and part of the track crew. Our current crew is fun, we think you’ll enjoy being a part of the team. You compile race results and the end of each race run. 

Who Should Apply?

Both job’s are part time as you’ve surmised from reading above. We’ll train the right candidate. Having a working knowledge of a laptop computer and a high school typing class on your resume are prerequisites.

Who should apply? High school kids looking for weekend and summer employment, Mom’s that are spending the day at the race track anyway with their family racing team. Or anyone else looking for a fun way to put some extra dollars in your pocket.

Fill out the Employment Form below and e-mail it in.

Part Time On Track Help
What exactly is this position? At times we could use some extra folks to fall back on when our full time staff has had way too long of a week. This position could be any day or night of the week. It depends on what times would allow you to do some part time work. You would be a part of the track crew working one of our rent to race events. You might be a corner worker, the grid man or the flagman. You’ll also be a part of the whole crew who greets our customers/racers and gets them ready to race. That could be help getting the correct safety gear, doing a practice orientation or giving a driver’s meeting. You’ll also help jockey karts around to create a starting grid. You may also be asked to gas the karts or fix minor issues with one of the karts. Interested? Fill out the form below and send it in.

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