Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Lessons?

We don’t offer lessons up front.  Renters get either an orientation video or an in person orientation for groups/private parties.  People who like go karting enough to buy their own equipment learn through seat time.  We do offer training for driving and tuning but not until our beginners have reached a certain level of proficiency via their track time.  If you start too early with the coaching it isn’t retained.

How about Beginner Events?

Practice, Practice, Practice. That is where you’ll find our beginners until they are ready for their first race day.  Those practice days are Wednesday through Friday each week in season (April through October).  When the new go karter is ready to become a ‘go kart racer’ they will pick a Sunday race day for their debut.

What Kind of Kart do You Start Beginners on?

After burning up a lot of rubber on one of our rent to race karts it’s time to get your own equipment.  We call our beginner’s class ‘Box Stock Honda’ which is contested on a pretty basic go kart.  Most start with used equipment because it is plentiful and priced right.  Our on site kart shop ‘The Pit Stop’ has a huge selection of both new and used go karts for sale.  You can also find used equipment on Craig’s list or from go karters you may know.  Regardless of where you find your go kart we can help you to customize/individualize the kart with all the right equipment and set up expertise.  And when you’re ready we can provide the on track training.

Age Restrictions?  Do You have Programs for Kids and Adults?

To rent drivers need to be 56” tall minimum to satisfy state of WI regs.  To race your own go kart you will be placed by age.  5 through 7 years is our Kid Kart class.  7 through 11 is Jr. Box Stock 1 Honda.  12 through 15 is Jr. Box Stock Honda 2. 16 years and older is Sr. Box Stock Honda.  We also have a 35 and older and a 50 and older class called Honda Masters.   There are other classes intended for racers who are no longer beginners.

Learning to Drive and Race a Go Kart is a Very Fun Process!

Remember when you were trying to learn to ride a bicycle?  Or how to stay on top of your skate board?  Or how to ice skate?  At first you thought you’d never figure this out, and at the same time wondered how some made it look so easy.  But you came out the other end quite proficient at your chosen new hobby.  What did it take?  Time in the form of practice.

We have all you need to join our great sport of go karting.  We have rental karts that you can use to try karting (don’t worry you won’t fall off like you did your bike, skate board or ice skates).  And when the bug has fully infected you we have a go kart pro shop on site to get you equipped and ready for your new hobby.

Check out our Blog or FAQ section below designed for those considering go karting.  Lots of info for you to consider and get you heading in the right direction.  Glad you’ve discovered us!

All Go Karting Starts Locally

You're on the 'World Wide Web' and you've found our blog about becoming a go kart racer. If our track and race program isn't within easy driving distance of your home this information is only general. Somewhat representative of how you start go kart racing. You need...

Go Kartings Future

Let's gaze into the crystal ball regarding go-kartings future. Go-karting follows the fortunes and travails of professional motorsports. One could also observe that go-karting also follows the economic ups and downs. For certain racing will continue in many formats...

What is Box Stock Honda Racing?

Box Stock racing means beginners and Honda. SRR runs a locally developed class called Box Stock Honda (The Honda engine got its start in our box stock program in 2006 and takes over from the Briggs Raptor engine in 2007). We ask that all of our new go-karters start in...

The safety gear you’ll need

You will need the following: Current Snell Foundation minimun M2010 or SA2010 (other ratings by SFI, Snell K for karting, and Snell Childs Racing also are allowed) rated full face helmet. Cost range $129 to $600 Skid resistant (not fire resistant/retarding) driving...

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