New Go Karts 

Need a new go kart, there is only one answer; Margay!  A proven American made winner on track.  Check them out.

The top of the line model for LO206 racing. The good stuff isn’t optional on the Brava, it’s included. Sniper front end, check. Adjustable front seat mounts, check. Billet driver’s panel mount, check. 25mm front spindles, check. Two position steering hub, check. Magnesium wheels, check.

The Brava comes in this great looking candy red color. Buy it less engine, as a kit needing assembly of engine, tires, seat and bodywork, or complete ready to ride.

The K3 is for either the 12-15 year old junior class or senior LO206 racing. It can be used in any LO206 class or used in the Ignite spec series that only this kart can be used in. The kart has a 1040mm or 41″ wheelbase. Comes standard with a 40mm rear axle and 17 mm front spindles. Aluminum wheels are standard as is the color black.

Choose the kart less engine, kart with engine as a kit you assemble (engine, seat, tires, and bodywork) or buy it ready to ride.

Great 8-12 year old LO206 kart.

A 1010 mm wheelbase kart. That’s 40″ for those of us not yet on the metric system! This kart can be raced in your local LO206 class, or run it in the Ignite Series where only the Margay Ignite K2 chassis are allowed.

Let us get your new Margay ready for you to race. You can order as a build it yourself kit or have the guys at Sugar River Raceway completely race prep it for you.

Click on the picture as it is linked to Margay’s website with more pics and info.



Got a racer in your family that is in the 5 through 7 year old range? That is the definition of a ‘Kid Karter’. You’ll also need a go kart to get your racer involved. The Margay Wildcat is one cool go kart. The design is very well thought out and the results are very pleasing to the eye. Check out the specs and options on the Margay web site with the link to this title or picture of the kart.

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