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Briggs LO 206 Money Race Details

You've seen the big day on our race schedule, right? We're talking about the Briggs LO 206 Money Race on September 23rd. Let's get some details headed your direction so you know what to expect. Engine, Bodywork, Tires, Classes, Fuel Engine tech is per the Briggs &...

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We’ve Made Room for Walk Ins on Saturdays

Walk Ins on Saturdays? Yes, sounds unfamiliar, right? We are finally going to correct our biggest customer complaint. People find out about the track and excitedly call to find out how it all works. When they hear that weekends are by appointment only, the...

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206 Cash Dash Postponed

206 Cash Dash Rescheduled We really wanted to see the May 20th '206 Cash Dash' take place, but based on tomorrow's weather forecast we are going to punt, or reschedule, our 206 money race.  This note will go to our e-mail list and be posted on our Facebook page, plus...

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Opening Day Guidelines

Opening day is coming faster than the pack at the end of the straight-a-way! Are you ready? Are you just starting your race career, so this is your first opening day? Got time for some guidelines or suggestions? Let's make a list. Registration opens at 9 AM. You can...

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Kid Karts For Points!

Did you happen to see the little blurb underneath the 2018 schedule listing? Did you catch the change in that listing from 2017? Well here it is; all Kid Karts will run for a points championship in 2018. Last year it was Honda only, this year it is both Honda and...

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Box Stock Honda 100 Lap Endurance Race Rules

Our race will run on Sunday October 22nd, 2017, with a rain date of October 29th.  Classes: We will field both Sr. Box Stock Honda and Honda Masters > 35 class for our 100 lapper.  All restrictors, weights and tech rules will remain the same. Diversions from the rules...

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Class Updates, and Driver Restrictions

Class updates and driver restrictions? Should you care? Should you invest the time to understand these subjects and this post? The answer is a loud YES! What classes are affected? Briggs Animal LO206 classes and the Honda Box Stock classes.In order, here are the...

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Go Kart Track, Northern Illinois

Which is it? Go Kart Track, WI or Go Kart Track, IL or Go Kart Track, Northern IL We seem to own the organic search for Go Kart Track, WI. Likely because many searching for us know we're in Wisconsin, and due to the fact our content makes many references to Wisconsin....

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Life in the Fast Lane, Thoughts on a New Season

Thoughts from the Seat of the Driver and the Race Director This will be listed on the News or blog page. Not sure I know how to blog. Not sure I can even communicate in a fashion that anybody will understand. But there are a few thoughts that I must take a stab at. I...

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