Used Go Karts For Sale

How do most of our new go karters start?  On used equipment.  Why, they are budget friendly, there is a great secondary market, and our beginner’s program keeps the learning curve shallow enough that used equipment can race to the front of the class.

Our inventory of used karts have become available due to people either leaving the sport or having upgraded their equipment to run in other classes. If you’re thinking of upgrading or getting a start in go-karting, use this page to keep track of our quickly changing inventory.

Why shop here instead of Craig’s List?  We will keep you out of trouble.  We see new racers every year that bring their Craig’s List bargain in to get a couple of parts to get it running.  Too many times the couple of parts turns into the right size seat, the right size wheels, new class legal tires, the right engine for the class, the right clutch for the class, etc. etc. etc.  In many cases the tab would have been less to shop our kart shop and get what you need along with our set up expertise.  At a minimum come in and see us before you commit to what looks like a good deal.  Let us educate you on what you should buy.  You man learn whether the used kart your looking at on Craig’s List is a good deal or a money pit.  Our advice is free.

Remember that the ‘Pit Stop’ is our full line kart shop that can round out your used kart purchase with all the other accessories you’ll need.  The picture below shows our showroom and a few of the new and used karts we have available.

Coyote Widetrack 

How about a Coyote kart that has plenty of race miles left in it? This one is a 1999 Coyote Widetrack. It has a used Honda box stock motor that tickles the leak tester at 99% after we did a quick valve job on it. The kart last raced in Honda Masters in the 2018 era. So it has been a hanger queen since. Kart looks good with some new wheels, floor pan, and bumpers we added. It does have quite a few rewelds, which comes along with the age and miles, but we’re pretty sure it will perform very well. The Widetrack has always been a good performing box stock kart. This one has an XL Tillett seat so it is definitely a Sr. Box Stock candidate. 

We will pick out the right size used seat if needed, mount it and do a scale session for the new driver.


Coyote Widetrack 

This is a great looking 1993 Coyote Widetrack. This one is yellow with a black M&M body. This one if freshly restored. All welds repaired, weight tabs added, the needed gussets, bearing hanger braces, etc. Then it was sent off for heat treat and blast before the powder coat was added. This one is very very straight. It has been a hanger queen for the last 5 years that we know of and likely longer. Check out the pictures and you’ll see that all of the fasteners and components are new and correct. This kart is the complete opposite of the low priced Craig’s list or Facebook Marketplace karts you’ll find. But then this one won’t take $1500 to make it right, we’ve done it for you. All that is needed is to pick the right size seat and mount it. You’ll likely want to add a MyChron lap timer to it also.

It has a new Honda Box Stock engine ready for the junior or senior classes. The kart has Coyote’s standard castor adjust and an Ackerman steering shaft. There is a steering lock installed and adjustable front seat mounts. The kart rolls on new Douglas high polish aluminum wheels with used Hoosier R80 tires. It has new bearings, new sprocket guard, floor pan, and numerous other parts. There is a new adjustable bearing cassette on the rear axle.


Listed 12-3-21


Coyote Widetrack LE

We bought this kart at the swap meet at the track this year and discovered something interesting about it. We sold it at the swap meet about five years ago to the owner we just bought it back from. It was painted green then and had a Briggs LO206 engine on it. The new owner painted it the current blue (take our word for it, it looks way better in this color) and used it part time as a 206 kart. While we were converting it to Box Stock Honda format we noticed the serial number. Jackson who has been with us for a long time remembered the story of the serial number. We sold this kart new in 2000 to local box stock racer Shane Wright. In 2000 the Briggs Raptor engine powered our box stock class. Shane ran Jr. Box Stock 2 and then switched to the WKA sanctioned version of the Briggs which bought in sticky tires, methanol fuel and blueprinting for much more power. Shane developed into one of the best racers to ever come out of Sugar River Raceway and in the 2003 era he won a WKA national championship on the kart. He clinched the points for the season with a national event win at South Bend Indiana. Somewhere in our archives we have a picture of Shane leading the field of 35 karts during the feature at the South Bend event. How do we know this is the kart? Shane always made a big deal about the serial number on the kart. 1200066 stands for 12 degree king pin inclination, 00 is the year built and 066 means it was the 66th Widetrack LE built that year. Shane was delighted because his kart number was always ’66’.

The kart is in very nice 20 year old shape and is ready to help someone win another championship. We’ve added a newly rebuilt Honda engine that still needs the break in done. It has new Douglas high polish aluminum wheels and new Hoosier tires. We’ll fit you to the seat you need and mount it for you.


Listed 12/3/21 


Top Kart Kid Kart

We have been out of kid karts all of the 2021 race season. Two kid karts have found us since the end of the season. Here is one of them. It is a Italian built ‘Top Kart’ a respected brand. We sold this one to a customer four years ago and they never used it. It went home and got parked in the garage. We just bought it back and it is time to recycle it. Is complete with a Comer C51 engine. It has the pedals moved back with some foot risers installed. Let’s fit your 5 through 7 year old and get him or her racing.


Listed 12/3/21


97 Margay Syncro

Yes, 20+ years old seems like to much, right?. The saving grace is that most karts get 50+% down time during their life span. And we keep restoring them because the older karts work great in our format of beginner’s classes.

This one is a nice kart that we just restored. On the flat table, welds repaired, weight tabs added, heat treat, sand blasting and new black powder coat paint. We then put it together with a used Honda engine, new wheels, floor pan and all the fasteners. It also has new black M&M body work. We’ll pick out the right sized used seat for the buyer and get it mounted where it belongs.

This one will get you to the front of the class. Two owners ago won a season championship with the kart in Jr. Box Stock 2 Honda.


Posted 12-3-21

Birel Kid Kart

We have been out of kid karts all of the 2021 race season. Two kid karts have found us since the end of the season. Here is one of them. It is a Italian built ‘Birel Kart’ a respected brand. This one found us at this year’s track swap meet. I bought if from Grandpa who bought it for the grand kids. They have all out grown the kart so we get to find a new race team to race it. Is complete with a Comer C51 engine. It has the pedals moved back with some foot risers installed. Let’s fit your 5 through 7 year old and get him or her racing.


Listed 12/3/21 


Used Clone Kart

Here is a very nice used kart we are unfamiliar with. We think it could be a ‘White’ chassis built in Indiana, but honestly do not know for sure. The kart has been hanging in a man cave/hot rod garage for the last several years. The owner was a former go kart racer who spent several years running sprint, dirt and enduro racing. A kart seemed to be the right thing to finish off the man cave. They bought it from Jim Ryder out of Rockford. I mention Jim’s name as any of you who know Jim, know what beautiful go kart creations he turns out. The owner used the kart exactly twice to come to SRR to practice on a Wednesday with an old high school mate who has his own kart. Other than that it has been on the wall chilling. The owner recently bumped into a vintage Fox kart that he used to own that was available. That kart has an emotional attachment to it so this really nice kart is now sitting in our show room for sale and the Fox is hanging in the man cave!

The kart is beautifully turned out. It has a Chinese Clone, or Honda copy, engine on it and would make an awesome weekly practice kart. It is on consignment and will be sold as is. No asking us to take an engine off to sell a roller only. Come check it out. It is under priced in our opinion, but our owner is motivated.


Posted 12/4/21    

Vintage Karts Any One?

These two karts will take just the right buyer. They are 1986 to 1987 Blackhawk Executioners. A bit of history; this kart was designed and built by SRR’s founder, Don Fairman. This is the last model of Blackhawk kart that dad built. The Executioner reigned from 1984 through 1994 when Don passed. During the 10 years the Executioner was Briggs Raptor, 820, and Yamaha KT100 powered. These karts were owned by a husband and wife race team who both competed. We just bought the karts from the estate as both have passed. 

In the late 80’s the West Bend or US Motor Power 820 engine was making a come back. The West Bend Power Bee was first used in karting in the mid 60’s. Chrysler owned the company then. I do not know when they quit building the Power Bee, but in the late 80’s the tooling and inventory for the engine were sold to US Motor Power. They were selling the engine to the US military for early drone power. The go kart guys figured out it was available again and relaunched it in go karting. It lasted for about 10 years and karting moved on. But, vintage karting was becoming a big thing in that time frame and the 820 was a perfect match. The vintage guys are still using the engine but it is not being produced anymore.

The karts need a restoration as they have been sitting since the early 90’s. We have not tried to start the engines, but by checking them over we’re sure they will run with a carb rebuild. We would also take the 820 engines off and let the new owner add an engine. They will fit modern engines also. The Honda we use in our Box Stock classes or the LO206 Briggs can be added easily, although they would be on the right side of the kart.

Price? Depends on how they are formatted, let’s talk

Listed 12/4/21

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