Used Go Karts For Sale

How do most of our new go karters start?  On used equipment.  Why, they are budget friendly, there is a great secondary market, and our beginner’s program keeps the learning curve shallow enough that used equipment can race to the front of the class.

Our inventory of used karts have become available due to people either leaving the sport or having upgraded their equipment to run in other classes. If you’re thinking of upgrading or getting a start in go-karting, use this page to keep track of our quickly changing inventory.

Why shop here instead of Craig’s List?  We will keep you out of trouble.  We see new racers every year that bring their Craig’s List bargain in to get a couple of parts to get it running.  Too many times the couple of parts turns into the right size seat, the right size wheels, new class legal tires, the right engine for the class, the right clutch for the class, etc. etc. etc.  In many cases the tab would have been less to shop our kart shop and get what you need along with our set up expertise.  At a minimum come in and see us before you commit to what looks like a good deal.  Let us educate you on what you should buy.  You man learn whether the used kart your looking at on Craig’s List is a good deal or a money pit.  Our advice is free.

Remember that the ‘Pit Stop’ is our full line kart shop that can round out your used kart purchase with all the other accessories you’ll need.  The picture below shows our showroom and a few of the new and used karts we have available.

Coyote Widetrack 

How about a Coyote kart with a fresh ground up restoration! We have redone this one top to bottom and front to back. The frame was checked for straight on our flat table. Welds were repaired, weight tabs were added, our style of braced up bearing hangers and some other gussets were added where we know Coyote karts like to break overtime. The it was chased off for heat tread and blasting before heading to the powder coat shop for the gorgeous red paint.

We’ve reassembled it with a long list of new parts. There is a new Honda box stock engine package with new mount, chain guard, clutch and throttle linkage. We have mounted new bodywork. The tires and wheels are new. Other new parts are the floor pan, bearings, bearing cassettes, all fasteners, rear bumper, steering lock, spindles, seat struts, and likely more.

We will pick out the right size used seat, mount it and do a scale session for the new driver. 


Margay Wildcat Kid Kart

Sorry this one belongs to a customer, but we can fetch another one anytime you might like.

The sign says new complete ready to ride kart with Honda GHX50 $3895.00

Add MyChron 5 computer like this owner did for $450.00

Add special order powder coat paint at $200.00

Coyote Widetrack LE

A ground up restored Coyote Widetrack LE. 



2005 Coyote Widetrack GL

Here’s one of those rare Coyote Widetrack GL’s. Both the Honda and LO 206 guys look for this kart. The Urban Legend story on this one is that one of the Coyote factory drivers asked Coyote to build the Widetrack LE with a Margay shaped frame rail on it. Not sure if they got beat at the track by a Margay the week before, but this kart resulted. And then the story goes that when someone asked why did they call it a GL? The answer? The Coyote factory guys told the factory driver, “Good Luck”.

This one is set up as a Honda Masters set up with M&M bodywork and a MyChron 4 gauge and steering wheel. There is a T8 Tillet shell seat installed. We redid this kart in our shop about 3 winters ago. It got new black powder coat at that time. Since it has had the rear seat cross bar rewelded.

$2500             Sold

Coyote Free Roller

1999 Coyote Adjustable Free Roller kart that has been completely redone. We bought this one last spring and finally got to redoing it.  We repaired the bad welds added weight tabs and then chased it off for heat treat and sand blasting. It then went to paint for the blue powder coat you see.

We reassembled using lots of new parts. The engine is new as are the wheels and tires. The kart will have a new blue nose on it, but we are waiting to see if it needs a shorter junior nose or the taller senior nose. The floor pan is new as are the spindles and all the seat mounts. The steering shaft and tire rods and rod ends are new. There is a Burris adjustable motor mount on the kart also. The kart does not have Coyote’s version of caster adjust so we added the Margay style of adjusters. We’ll match a used seat to the new buyer and get the kart fitted. Great kart and likely best for a junior class driver.

$2500.00      Sold

93 Margay TNR

This Margay kart needs a new owner. It has been out of action for too long. It is a great kart for our local rules Honda classes. We’ll switch the seat for another if this one is the wrong size. Take it home as a rolling chassis or get a quote from us to make it ready to run. The TNR stands for Tom Neal Racing, as this CA racer helped Margay design this kart. In 94 it became the Syncro with only slight changes to the brake mount area. The Syncro was Margay’s best weapon until 2000 when it became the first of the Brava model line up. Don’t be afraid of this one, as it will work great with our Bridgestone tire rule.

$795.00   Sold


New Margay Ignite K3 Kart

This one is brand new. It is a 2019 model, so left over from last season. It needs to go, so our offer would be to move this one on at invoice.

Complete ready to ride with a Briggs LO206 engine package.

$4500.00  Sold

Add MyChron 5 at $450.00

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